About Us

About the ShopAway

ShopAway is an ultimate one-stop platform that fulfills the international shopping and shipping needs of people residing in Myanmar. We help our Myanmar customers purchase goods on a broader scale by giving them access to shop products such as electronics, clothes, appliances from different reliable and trusted stores worldwide, including Singapore and Australia. We provide our customers a virtual address that helps them enjoy a great shopping experience online. Not only this, but we also provide them shipping service at an affordable price.

Our Vision

We aim to create digital venues where our Myanmar customers can overcome limitations and expand options in virtual online shopping where they can purchase anything to shop online to their heart’s content with the help.

Our Mission

We strive to offer our customers in Myanmar the most convenient and cost-effective virtual shopping experience, sustained through trust, efficiency and customer-centric approach.

How ShopAway Works?

On joining ShopAway Annual Membership, customers will be offered the virtual address and other contact information that will assist them in buying goods from all around the world – be it Singapore, Australia, etc. After receiving your goods at our warehouse, we will ship them to your doorstep. For this, some charges will incur according to the weight of the package. Not only this, you will get secure and fast delivery of your parcel. Additionally, you will also get numerous seasonal discounts and deals on purchasing goods from online websites.

ShopAway Membership Benefits

Customers will be offered the below-stated benefits on signing up for ShopAway Membership:

  • Amazing Discount on Shipping
  • 30 Days of Free Package Storage
  • Free Package Consolidation & Re-Packaging
  • Flexible Delivery Options